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Glemans Energía specializes in comprehensive solutions for power plants, focusing on improvements and rehabilitations with a strong commitment to efficiency and sustainability. We offer hydroelectric projects and innovative solutions for energy challenges, including storage and green hydrogen.

Conventional and Renewable Generation

GLEMANS provides comprehensive solutions for units of varying sizes, from small components to large generators and turbines. We enhance control systems, offer EPC services in collaboration with hydroelectric machinery manufacturers, and ensure long-term support, even after contractual warranties. With GLEMANS, you have a committed partner for the long-term care of your assets. . With GLEMANS, you have a committed partner for the long-term care of your assets.

Product and Services
  • Assessment and Consulting
  • Maintenance
  • Modernizations
  • New Generation Units
  • Parts and Components
  • Rehabilitations and Upgrades
  • Repairs
  • Laser Tracker Services

Advanced Energy - BESS & Green Hydrogen

GLEMANS leads advanced energy solutions, excelling in energy storage and green hydrogen technologies. We connect with providers of emerging technologies, tailoring solutions to the customer’s needs. We recommend efficient energy generation alternatives and offer continuous support throughout the project. With GLEMANS, you get advanced solutions and a committed partner with comprehensive high-quality services.

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The strategic alliance with leading manufacturers worldwide, such as Hygreen Energy (specialized in Green Hydrogen) and NARADA (in Battery Energy Storage Systems – BESS), enables us to provide a comprehensive range of services and products. This is accomplished with the support and experience of the global network that our alliance in the group comprises.

Andrés Kortmann

Gerente de Negocios